Reforming Charitable Giving

How You Can Donate to Your Favorite Charity…
And Get Exclusive Matching Gift Certificates to Your Favorite Restaurants and Shops

Our mission is to inspire businesses, non-profit organizations, and local citizens to work together to make our community better.

How It Works

  1. You participate in a charitable event or make a nonprofit donation, and get a free double matching credit toward sponsor gift certificates for your donation.  So, a $20 donation gets you $40 in gift certificate credit!
  2. You then choose the free gift certificates, up to your credit level, which you’d like to receive.  After you finalize your choices, you’ll get a link to immediately print these certificates out on your own printer.
  3. The sponsors provide these certificates to the nonprofit for free, but they earn a profit if and when you make a purchase at their locations.  Thanks sponsors!